Creativity, community spirit and social innovation in rural Nordic areas

14 september 2016

Social innovation is happening everywhere in the rural areas of the Nordic countries. In many cases, it is a necessity for these areas in order to survive and develop. Come, listen and share amazing stories of small community efforts that become meaningful projects for the entire area. Participate in small group discussions about rural development on topics such as ”how do opportunities for rural social innovation vary in different Nordic countries and why?”, ”what are the local tools for development?” and ”what can we learn from neighbouring countries?”. The presented cases are part of Nordregio’s research project Social Innovation in the Nordics and the FP7 project Boosting the Impact of Social Innovation in Europe through Economic Underpinnings (SIMPACT) where Nordregio is one of the partners.

Deltagare: Leneisja Jungsberg, Liisa Perjo, Anna Berlina and Petri Rinne